Hand Made Chakra Jewelry and More
Unique Handmade Chakra jewelry along with other
beautiful pieces.  No item is duplicated. You will find
Bracelets, Necklaces, Pins, Rings, Wrapped Gems,
Earrings along with other unique designs in my Etsy
Store.   If you have a special gem or would like a
special gem wrapped, contact me.  I do take special
Handmade Chakra Jewelry
Wendy Rivers
The Mystic Side Gift and Book Store located at 404 N. Main St. N. Syracuse, NY 13212 has all your mystical needs. Books,
Gems, Candles, Herbs, and much more. Stop by the shop and see all the wonderful things they have.  You will have the
opportunity to view and purchase some of my select pieces of Unique Wire Wrapped Gem Trees of Life.

Currently in the Store
Distant Whispers
For entertainment purposes only